North Ridge Steel

Liverpool, UK
May 16, 2022

How We Crafted North Ridge Steel's Brand Identity

North Ridge Steel approached us with a vision to establish a distinctive brand identity that would reflect their commitment to quality and innovation within the steel industry.


Conceptualization Phase:

We initiated the project by engaging in in-depth discussions with North Ridge Steel's team and conducting thorough market research. Drawing from insights gathered, we conceptualized various design directions that encapsulated North Ridge Steel's core values and aspirations.


Design and Development Stage:

Building upon the chosen concept, we meticulously crafted the visual elements of North Ridge Steel's brand identity. This encompassed the creation of a new logo that resonated with their ethos, selecting an appropriate color palette that conveyed strength and reliability, and refining typography to ensure consistency and readability. Throughout this process, we presented mockups and prototypes to solicit feedback and ensure alignment with the client's vision.


Implementation and Impact:

With the finalized brand assets in hand, we compiled a comprehensive brand guide that served as a roadmap for consistent application across all touchpoints. The rollout of North Ridge Steel's revamped brand identity resulted in heightened customer engagement and strengthened brand loyalty within their target market. The cohesive and impactful rebranding initiative positioned North Ridge Steel as a leader in the steel industry, reinforcing trust and credibility among stakeholders.

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